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The Extended Chakras: Chakras 8 through 64

Each of these additional chakras varies according to which source you read. The common element is that they represent ever higher connection with the divine, above and beyond our limited, physical bodies.

The concept is intuitively satisfying to me since I know there are aspects of our reality that are beyond our sensory perception of space and time, and so it makes sense that if the chakras are the energy field with which our mortal coils align, that there must be a more complete system as well.

Extended chakra system

Many sources report that these chakras exist in and interact with “higher dimensions.” Whether those aspects are rightly called other “dimensions” in the sense that theoretical physicists mean, I don’t know.

Some of these extended systems have the extra chakras aligned in a column above the Crown. Some keep the column, but have one or more chakras extend below the Root or Feet. Others place extra emphasis on the chakras in the hands and feet, and only add one extra above the crown.

Some sources report the extra chakras as a part of the system that was always present but that not many people are aware of. Others present the extra chakras as an evolved state, either particular to only advanced humans or as an evolution of our species as a whole.

Some sources keep the traditional chakras and simply add to them with new chakras of various colors (including infrared and ultraviolet), while other systems radically change the colors and responsibilities of all the chakras.

These seem to be a new and understudied topic. Don’t get discouraged by all the competing models and explanations. This is science: everyone reports what they have experienced, and we try to develop a theory about how and why the observations work.

Just like the “plum pudding” model of the atom was wrong, so are most (if not all) of these new models of the extended chakra system. As more people develop direct experience with these chakras, if they indeed they exist, the model will become more refined and robust, until there is a general agreement among energy workers and practitioners about them. In the meantime, we’ll just keep exploring at the edges of what is possible and what is known.

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